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Automatic stilettos Mauro Mario

Despite the fact that Mauro Mario was the largest manufacturer and exporter of automatic stilettos in Maniago, there are few details about his activities. Nevertheless, it is impossible not to mention, given its huge role in the production of automatic knives.

Company Mauro Mario acted during the "Golden Age" of automatic stilettos in the 1950s. In its best years, the company produced about 100,000 knives annually.

At the beginning of its activity the company had only three employees, but the growth of automatic stilettos market led to an increase in the number of workers employed in the production of knives up to 50 people. It is noteworthy that for the company of Mauro Mario has worked Angelo Campolin as a production manager.

Mauro Mario produced knives under his own name as well as under the brands Mauro M., Rosco, Wandy, Joy, Whitby, GC Co (Guttmann Cutlery of New York) and many others. Anyone could agree on special marks and brand name, it was free, if you order for knife was large enough, or just to pay for a special label or stamp on the blade, if the client took only a few pieces of knives.

Mauro Mario tang stamp Mauro Mario tang stamp Mauro Mario tang stamp
Tang stamps of Mauro Mario


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