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Campolin family of knife-makers from Maniago

Not too much could be found about the history of the Campolin family. Known Angelo Campolin, his son Gianni and his grandson Angelo Jr., who is also the son Gianni Campolin. All of them are masters, producing unique automatic knives. Production of knives - is their family business.

Angelo Campolin maniago
Angelo Campolin Jr. at his home in Maniago

Angelo Campolin house
The house is located at the foot of the mountain

Senior Angelo is the founder of the company AGA Campolin, that produces knives since 1947 till the present days. In the past, late 1940s - early 1950s, he has worked in the firm of Mario Mauro, at the time Mario Mauro was the biggest manufacturer of knives and stilettos in Maniago..

Angelo Campolin старший
Angelo Campolin older who is more than 80 years, is still working and making knives

Mario master knife maker
With him working knife-maker Mario

Senior Campolin has primacy in establishing mass production of large stilettos length of 15 and 18 inches, which was not in mass production until the early 1960's, when Angelo Kampolin made the necessary equipment and began production. Until that moment, such stilettos, known since the 1920s, were unique items, made by hand.

Angelo Jr. is the founder of the firm AKC (Automatic Knife Company). In addition, the Campolin family produced knives under the brand "Falcon Knives".

Angelo and Gianni Campolin Angelo Campolin jr
Angelo Campolin Jr. with his father Gianni Campolin and one of the items of his collection.

AGA Campolin Company makes unique 13-inch stilettos, so-called Batwing Swinguard, the design of which was developed by knife-maker Renzo Pascotto.

Batwing Swinguard Dagger
One of 13" Batwing Swinguard Stiletto Dagger by A.G.A. Campolin

Senior Angelo, his son Gianni and his grandson Angelo Jr. still working in Maniago and make a variety of knives.

Video about Campolin family.


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