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Books about stiletto switchblades and flick knives

Switchblades of Italy
Switchblades of Italy: Tim Zinser, Dan Fuller, Neal Punchard
Antique American Switchblades
Antique American Switchblades: Identification & Value Guide: Mark Erickson
Collector's Guide To Switchblade Knives
Collector's Guide To Switchblade Knives: An Illustrated Historical And Price Reference: Richard V. Langston, Richard Langston

Switchblade The Ace Of Blades
Switchblade: The Ace Of Blades: Ragnar Benson
Switchblades A Collector's Guide
Switchblades: A Collector's Guide: Terry Shuler, Sr., Fred E. Phillips
Foreign Spring Steel Collectors Guide
Foreign Spring Steel: Collectors Guide Vol. 1: Vincent Federico

Art of the Switchblade
Art of the Switchblade: Neal Punchard, Dan Fuller
An introduction to switchblade knives
An introduction to switchblade knives: Ben Myers, Lowell Myers


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