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Manufacturer of knife scales and handles Lucio DiBon

Special mention deserves the artisan whose name is unknown, but is great contribution to the production of automatic stilettos. It is a manufacturer of knife scales and handles Lucio DiBon. All knife-makers in Maniago know Lucio, because almost all of them use his materials for assembly of knives. Even a knife-maker Rocco Petrunti from Frosolone uses Lucios materials.

Lucio DiBon
Lucio DiBon in his workshop

Lucio DiBon

Lucio DiBon
Lucio DiBon with his assistant

Lucio DiBon
Diploma of knife-maker - a sign of recognition of Lucio DiBon's craftsmanship

Lucio owns DiBon & Centazzo S.N.C. with Danilo Centazzo. This shop has every wood, horn and man-made material known to man. .

DiBon & Centazzo
DiBon & Centazzo S.N.C.

DiBon & Centazzo

DiBon & Centazzo

DiBon & Centazzo

DiBon & Centazzo
Valuable species of wood, horn and other materials in warehouses of DiBon & Centazzo S.N.C.

Source: http://www.sharperdeal.com/fredde10/dibon.htm


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